Notice: Tildes has implemented native wikis. Visit individual groups' wikis for up-to-date information.

The Unofficial Tildes Wiki

Thanks for visiting the officially‐unofficial wiki for the preeminent Canadian trust‐based discussion forum named after a punctuation mark on the internet. Until Deimos gets around to coding an official wiki on‐site, this is what you’re stuck with.

If you’ve just joined Tildes

Welcome! I strongly suggest reading these links in full:

… and at least skimming the Tildes Docs.

It’s important to remember that, right now, the site only has one administrator and a few thousand users; it is very heavily in alpha, and how it functions now is not necessarily how it will function in the future.

Contributing to the wiki

Follow the steps here to contribute articles, and the steps here to contribute to this page’s style or other technical stuff.

This wiki is currently maintained by @deing. Originally it was run by @Kat, but she had to it shut down due to spam and dropped activity.